Thursday, June 29, 2006

God still speaks prophetically through His servants

Its 4:51 am. I just went to Duff's huge house to drop off his Toyota Land Cruiser and pick up my Ford Ranger to drive it back to my tiny apartment. On the way I start thinking. I hate driving this crappy truck and I start getting down on myself about some other stuff. It wasnt a good trip home. When I get home, I get an email from Brian. I can see the first few words while it is still unopened in my inbox because of how GMAIL is set up. The words I see are Dude, there were some NLers talking about you and... I think to myself, "Great! What did I do wrong now?" I opened the email to find the following message.

Dude, there were some NLers talking about you and the direction of the youth Weds night. They all had awesome things to say about you and where you're taking the teens.

It's coming bro. I think you're doing some great stuff. We all knew you were capable. Just keep it up and God's gonna honor your willingness to serve. Love ya bro.

I sent him back an email with a gladness in my heart that God still speaks prophetically through His servants. Those were the EXACT words I needed in that situation.

So, now...may God speak through you and may you, when He is speaking through you, be an open pipeline to those who need to hear.

Monday, June 26, 2006

To all of the faithful blogers...big up yourself!

This is me and Becki at our Valentine's dinner at Chez Fon Fon

I think I am back in the world of blogs after reading this post from Its the top ten reasons why he posts.

#10 Blogging is a form of digital discipleship. Neo-scrolls.#9 Blogging is the way I share what is happening in my head and my heart.#8 Blogging is cathartic. It helps me process what I'm thinking and feeling.#7 Blogging is the way I leave a trail. My kids and grandkids can read it someday.#6 Blogging is a sermon supplement. Actually, sermons might be a blogging supplment.#5 Blogging is a way to carry on a conversation with lots of people at the same time.#4 Blogging is a form of auto-biography.#3 Blogging is one way of capturing the things God is revealing to me.#2 Blogging helps me remember what God doesn't want me to forget.#1 Blogging is a stewardship issue. It's one way I share what God is teaching me.

So...may you continue your faithful blogging and may your teaching, relating, and living be fuller because of it.